Return Policy
The customer is always 14 days right under the law on distance contracts and contracts away from business premises. The right applies only if the product is unchanged but the customer has the right under law to deal with the goods to the extent necessary to ensure its properties and function. When exercising the right of withdrawal, we are entitled to deduct the corresponding loss of value resulting from that customer has handled the goods to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its properties or function. The decrease in value is assessed from case to case. The withdrawal period begins to run from the date the customer receives the product.
Rabta Stockholm pays back the purchase amount paid within 14 days after the returned product come Rabta Stockholm to spare. The customer pays for shipping cost for return. Freight costs are deducted before the refund of the purchase price.
The customer must return the product undone in the original packaging with the relevant packaging. Customer is responsible for the risk of return shipping, risk includes the product being damaged or lost during shipping.

Rabta Stockholm sells all products with 3 months warranty. The product warranty covers only original manufacturing defects, that is, errors that existed in the product on delivery. Manufacturing defects must be held by Rabta Stockholm, after which the customer receives free repair or a new instance of the product. If the customer wishes to change the ordered product, the difference in costs and freight charges paid by the customer. The product warranty does not apply when Rabta Stockholm can not find anything wrong with the product or when the customer has caused the damage himself. The product warranty does not apply to user errors, misaligned product or errors that occur during or after self-change of the product's function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or configuration of the product. Customer's invoice or receipt is valid as warranty.

Complaints (freight document) and service issues
For complaints, service and warranty service, the customer must contact Rabta Stockholm's customer service via
Rabta Stockholm can not replace the shipping cost if the customer has sent a product on its own, without first contacting customer service Rabta Stockholm. Service Matters at any malfunctions, damage and the like caused by any other reason shall be paid by the customer in accordance with Konsumentköplagens Sales Law or regulations. In the complaint, the customer must send the products to the Rabta Stockholm at:
Rabta Stockholm
Tomtbergavägen 355